It’s a Dangerous World Online

Since starting my Phil Kent Online system, I have had a few people join, and have also had many people contact me with messages, questions or general Information wanted on programs or systems they are either in, have been in, or are looking to join etc. It is when receiving these questions and having the conversations that you realise that its a dangerous world online.

I say this because I have been coming across many people just recently that have lost money in programs, been conned, or simply led to believe in things that are nothing more than scams in one form or another.

I have fortunately not been caught or lost money like that, being a naturally very cautious person, and have a habit of thoroughly looking into something. This has caught the attention of other people too, as I now quite often receive messages from people asking me if they have heard of a particular program, or ask me if I can look into one or something.

A recent conversation I had brought all this to light as I was chatting with someone who was telling me of things they were in and had paid for. It turns out that this person had already spent several hundred dollars on systems promising big results.

I delved into these systems a bit more, and asked then to give me more Information. One of the things they had paid for was a package from a website containing 1,000,000 visitors (yes a million), and a set amount of ‘guaranteed sign-ups’ to a program of choice. I am sure for many reading this that the alarm bells are ringing already.

I asked for more Info on this and asked them if these were ‘paid sign-ups’. After a short silence and a pause the response was ‘no, but am sure some will upgrade …’ It turns out that the ‘deal’ was that the program of choice had to be a ‘free registration’, and that the upgrade was optional to the person joining.

The person then followed this up with how all the registrations would have had their ‘emails verified’. It was at this point in the conversation that I had to give a reality check to the person I was talking to. Firstly, I told them about these ‘visitors’ and how companies can buy ‘hits’ to a URL and can be nothing but crap taffic – literally.

I then told them about a piece of software that I have seen that is capable of submitting an aticle to several article and social bookmarking sites. I told them that it is capable of creating different accounts at each, with different usernames, auto-generated email addresses and that it can verify them all by itself.

I explained that the point I was making was that the ‘promises’ received were worthless and told them that they should stop Investing in these systems before they lost all their money.
They still remained optimistic, and I fear that they will probably continue as thay have been until they get really stung.

This story is just one of many that I come across, and these are only ones where people have come to me or started to tell me of certain programs or systems, most of which are unbelievably high-priced where the con and scam artists are cashing in to the highest degree.

My Phil Kent Online system has been put together to help people avoid such scams, and give them a system that is guaranteed to make them money if they follow my advice, guide and recommendations.

Any program inside has already been tested by myself, and before I Introduce any program to the members, it will have been checked out and put money into as well. This way I am able to recommend new or different programs, and I am building a trust level with them that is so important.

I am constantly looking for new changes and Improvements, and am confident that it will eventually hold successful and sustainable programs throughout. Being able to promote them all with a single URL, also makes it a winning situation as this way it prompts multiple sign ups and multiple downlines.

I highly recommend anyone to get on board with me in my Phil Kent Online system, and receive access to a guaranteed income system, that will make you money, be free from scams or cons, and have access to all necessary training to be successful.

Weather you choose to come on board or not is down to yourself obviously, as there are many, many programs on the market, some good and many others not. Just be sure to remember that when you are looking at programs, that quite often all is not what it would first appear to be and that It’s a Dangerous World Online.

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How Much Is A Lead Worth?

In todays Internet marketing world, we are all trying are best to succeed, make a living online, and to generate leads, referrals and sales etc. This brings me to the title of todays post – How Much Is A Lead Worth?

I am asking this to all marketers and business opportunity seekers as it would be Interesting to get the responses. The reason I ask is that I had a conversation this week with someone who was looking into my Phil Kent Online system, and then at one point in the conversation they asked me if I ‘gave them leads’ as well as that was what another program did.

They then told me bits and pieces about this other program that gave everyone 100 leads a day and thought that my system did the same. Now this is saying nothing at all against the person in the conversation as they were simply relaying what they had been told by another.

I responded with the fact that a lead to me is very valuable, is worked hard for and earned, and I would not ever give one lead away, let alone 100.

So I ask you marketers and others reading this – how much is a lead worth to you? Would you give one or any away?

I did also point out that I felt that any system that was boasting about giving leads away was probably giving away rehashed leads in a big way, or otherwise how else could they possibly justify giving that sort of amount away to all its members.

With the Phil Kent Online system, I teach people how to generate leads through tried and tested marketing methods, generating them through pro-active and organic methods and a combination of both of those and many more.

It takes time, persistence, consistency and hard work. It also takes having the right mindset – something I pointed out to the person that they did not have. I told them that their head was not right, and that their mind was half into this other program and what it might produce with these leads being given.

If that is the case for anyone, with any program, then they need to achieve their correct mindset first and foremost before anything. It does not matter what program you are in, or wanting to join. You need to come in with a positive mindset, a plan, time management, drive, desire, committment and focus.

These are the bare essentials.

They also have to all be attributed to the program you are involved with or looking to join, and not try and adopt this approach across one or more different programs because it will not work.

Whatever the program is, you will always hear of a ‘success’ story of some kind from someone that has joined it. This is commonplace. In nearly all of these Instances, or with any successful marketer, they will always be the first to tell you how Important the right mindset is, and how they remain focused and driven in what they do and what they have achieved.

The Phil Kent Online system provides you with the ultimate marketing platform, and the vehicle capable of taking you forward. You have the ability to promote 7 programs at once using just one URL, you can add up to 5 programs of your own choice, plus you will have access to my members-only website containing a stack of resources and training.

Combine that with the help and training I can offer you personally and you have a winning formula. But the thing is, it is what you do with what is offered that makes the difference between success and failure.

There are a few members on board now, but unfortunately most of them have not adopted the right mindset. They are only applying one or two of the strategies and methods, if that, and are struggling to get results.

They will probably stay for a little longer, hoping for some leads or sales, until they decide that the ‘system is not working’, or ‘not very good’, and move on to something else. Unfortunately for them, they will continue to see the same results in whatever program they join because they do not have the right mindset to take them forward and succeed.

From that point onwards, they will go one of three ways; They will either continue going from program to program, looking for ‘one that works’; they will give up altogether; or they will suddenly start to make money and see results…..

Now, from the outsider, they will think that it must be a good program ‘that works’. But this will not be the case – it will be the fact that the person has adopted the right mindset – has found the drive, desire, focus and consistency that was missing before, and has started to produce results.

They for sure would not give any leads away – and would be one of the few people who would now be able to give you a true answer of ‘how much is a lead worth?’

Whiich one of the three ways will you take – I know which I have taken – and that is why I do know how much a lead is worth.

Join me today in Phil Kent Online – and start your journey to Internet Marketing success.

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Looking for The Golden Nugget ….

With the Make Money Online Industry booming and becoming more and more popular by the day, people are literally turning to the internet in their thousands daily looking for the ‘Golden Nugget’. Unfortuantely, many of these people do not want to Invest any real money, and want these riches that they are dreaming of to happen Instantaneously.

If the whole making money online Industry was that simple then we would all be doing it – all be rich – and none of us would have to work or worry about money ever again. Well hey – I dont see what the problem is !

Now as ridiculous as that sounds, this is the sad reality surrounding so many so called ‘marketers’ out there that jump on the Internet Online Bandwagon. I have been working full-time on the Internet for just over 2 years and I am nowhere near yet where I want to be. But the difference is I know that I have the right mindset, focus, desire, drive and determination to make it happen.

Nothing will stop me now achieving what I want to achieve. Since creating my own Phil Kent Online system, things have definitely taken a big turn in the right direction, but this is still only just starting out. I know that I have the relevant skills and tools to help others succeed, but the thing is they still need to actually do things to make it happen.

I have writen a PR recently entitled “Why Dont I Get As Many Leads as you” – you can read it here;

The title was asked by a member of my Phil Kent Online system, as they were struggling to produce leads and referrals. In the Press Release I list my Top 10 marketing methods that I do DAILY – without anything else. They are fundamental things that simply have to be applied.

In a recent conversation with another member, I was told by them that they were feeling despondent through not getting leads when they had been ‘working so hard’. It turned out that they had only been doing 2 of my recommended methods and routine. Enough said.

I can show and teach people my methods and strategies, and give them enough tools and resources to succeed in making money without a doubt – but the thing is that nearly all of them will fail as they simply will not be doing enough of what I teach.

Everything in life has to be worked for, earned and deserved in some way. The online Industry is no different. For those that come to the Internet looking to make some extra cash, or a bit of extra Income here and there, then sure, if you are a little bit consistent in what you do and put some money into an Investment program of some sort, then you will probably make the odd dollar here and there if you are lucky.

The Offline Industry works the same way does it not ? We have all worked in companies where there have been the successful ones, the ones that gained the promotions and the big sales figures or whatever. But ask yourself – Did they achieve this success by turning up for work every now and then, doing a bit of what they were showed and taught but not everything, and merely hoping one day that they would ‘get a pay rise or promotion’ ?

They got to where they wanted to be because they wanted to – they made it happen – they took on board everything that they had been shown and taught – and applied the methods consistently and persistently until they achieved the results they did.

So the same goes for those that are wanting to Make Money Online – you need to apply the same mindset and desire, and apply the methods that are taught. Do them all – and do them properly – not just some of them every now and then or half-doing them.

There are many out there that come Looking for The Golden Nugget everyday – and they will still be looking this time next year until they give up.

I love it when I hear people say to me things like “You got another referral ? Wow – well lucky you are! How many is that this week? ..”

The Phil Kent Online system is a Guaranteed Income system – for sure – But it is not a get-rich scheme, or anything of the sort. It is a system that will make you money online for sure, but you need to apply the right mindset, the right focus and apply everything that is shown and taught – everything.

If you dont come in with that approach, that dedication, and that ‘whatever happens I will make it happen’ attitude then I guess I will just continue ‘being lucky’ whilst you will continue to look for that Golden Nugget.

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You Can Lead A Horse To Water …

I am sure we have all heard of the saying in my title today – ‘You can lead a horse to water, but you cant force it to drink’. Well that is very true of one or two members within the Phil Kent Online system.

I offer continuous support, training, help and advice and do everything that I can to help them succeed. I show and teach them my methods and strategies which all work, and tell them that they need to applly the methods both persistently, consistently and at all times maintaining a positive mindest. That is what will get them results.

I hold twice-weekly webinars where I cover the same methods and strategies – telling them what are my top lead-producers, and how I do my marketing. I want all the members to be successful, to produce leads, referrals and sales.

But the trouble is, so many are still not doing it, and still come to me asking why they do not seem to be getting many leads etc. So I then go through my marketing methods which they know – and guess what – they are not doing them – they are only doing one maybe 2 methods, and that is all.

I will go over again the methods, and the marketing plan, and even asked one member this week why he was not using my number one lead source – he simply answered “I dont know”.

Whilst covering the methods, I will also discuss the importance of Time Management, putting a strategy into place, and on top everything to be CONSISTENT. It is also no good to keep all your eggs in one basket – as with creating an online Income you need to where possible create Multiple Streams of Income – the same is true for leads – you need to create Multiple Lead Sources.

I tell and show all members, and will continue to do so, but that is all I can do – the rest is down to them. That is what produced the title of the PR today – as it is simply so true, and am sure there are many marketers reading this who can reflect the same way with people they have tried to show and teach.

My Phil Kent Online system is a guranteed Income system that will get results – but the methods do have to be applied in order for that to be achieved. There is no magic bullet or magic button – but the system does work.

I regularly show members the results I am getting and at the end of the day, most members there have joined after responding to one or more of my marketing / lead sources so the answers are simply there in front of them. It is up to them capitalise on what I have shown them, to execute the marketing plan to the full – and to remain focused, driven and determined to Make It Happen.

As after all, “You can lead a horse to water, but you cant force it to drink”.

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Its All About Marketing and Making It Happen

One of the key things that I make sure I get across to new members of my Phil Kent Online system, is teaching them how its all about marketing and making it happen. I have a proven strategy and techniques that gets results consistently, and by combining that with the right mindset and desire then it will always produce results.

I often get asked by people or new members how I manage to get leads as they are in their own words ‘trying and doing everything’ but are not seeing any results or producing ny leads. They claim to be promoting and marketing their business or opportunity, and will come to me for help or a way forward which I am always more than willing to do.

The problem so often is though, that when they have claimed to be ‘actively marketing’ in their words, one of the first things I do will be to look at their IBO profile. Something that will often strike me initially was the business they tell me was their ‘main’ business was not the ‘status’ or that prominent. This was a small detail – but important nevertheless in my opinion.

The next thing I do is to ask them what their daily marketing plan was. It turns out ususally that they do not have one at all. They basically had no daily routine, no plan, no goals set, nothing. All of these things I teach to all members that join my Phil Kent Online system.

To give you a rough idea of what my DAILY routine involves, it is listed below;

1. Craigslist and BackPage Advertising.

2. IBOToolbox: I will write a Press Release, comment, like and share on as many Associates PR’s as possible, ‘like’ wall posts, welcome new members, create at least 10 new associates every day.

3. Social Bookmarking: I will submit my IBO post to 15-20 Social Bookmarking sites, every day.

4. Pinterest: I will submit the same IBO post to Pinterest, re-pin followers posts etc.

5. Pinging: I will ping my IBO post both to the ping sites, and also ping the RSS Feed to an RSS submitter as well.

6. Facebook: I will spend a set amount of time doing Facebook Marketing in the form of posting as a page and also using a particular marketing strategy which is ‘niche-targeted’.

7. YouTube: I will try to do at least 1 YouTube video daily, regardless of topic, and have it linking to my Phil Kent Online system.

8. SEO Building: This covers Keyword Research in which I will then build a Squidoo lens around it, and also a WordPress, Weebly and Blogger around the same keyword too. When this process is complete which may take a few days, I simply repeat the process all over again with a new keyword research etc.

9. Forum Marketing: Being active on some forums with my business opportunity in my Profile Signature.

10. Support and Communiaction: This one is vital – I keep regular contact with all my leads, referrals and contacts to see if I can help them in any way, and help them move their business forward.

Now it does not matter weather you have 3 hours a day, or 8 hours a day, as its all about time management, and adjusting each area accordingly so that you are still doing all you need to do.

Its all about having the right mindset, the right focus, and the right desire and determination to move you and your opportunity forward. This is the difference between success and failure, between winners and losers, and between generating regular leads, or generating none.

The original person in question joined me in Phil Kent Online yesterday, and I will help this person to be successful in any way that I can.

If you need the right help, the right guidance, and the opportunity to move forward with a guaranteed Income system, then join Phil Kent Online today.

Visit the address below to get started today.

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A Hobby or a Business ?

I often get asked how I manage to produce regular optins, leads, referrals and sign ups. There are various reasons and answers to this Including having the right mindset, consistency and focus etc, but the other main reason is that I treat it as a business and not as a hobby as many others unfortunately do.

There are more and more people turning to the Internet every day, looking to make a second or permanent Income online. This is obviously great news for the marketers, but it also increases the competition for the Industry like nothing else.

This brings me round to the subject of the PR today – What is this for you – Is it a Hobby or a Business? You see, so many people treat the whole thing as a ‘Hobby’ – some without even realising it. They seem to think that they can do some ‘marketing’ once or twice a week, post a few links here and there, and that be it.

If you take that approach to it, then your results will reflect that – ZERO. That is the sad reality. I even here some people complaining when to start a program they need $5.00, or $10.00 even ! At the end of the day you are trying to create a second or permanenet Income Online – this takes hard work, dedication, focus, desire and committment.

It also takes some Investment. If you can show me any offline business where you can get started, be up and running, and start to bring Insane riches overnight for just a $5.00 or $10.00 Investment then hey, I am all ears. Seriously, wake yourselves up with a huge reality check.

If the Internet is just something you want to ‘have a go at’ in your spare time – then that is great, and I do not want to knock you for doing that. But do not expect to see any kind of result with that approach if you do so.

If you are serious about creating an online Income, weather just a secondary one or permanent one – then start treating it as a business and you will start to see the results of it as a business too.

Those that join my Phil Kent Online system get access to all the training, help, support and advice that I can provide, as I want people to succeed with the system and make money with it as I do. But as the saying goes;

“you can lead a horse to water, but you cant force it to drink it”.

I will show and teach you the methods that work. But you need to apply them, daily, consistently, and with the right mindset too to gain success. Treat it as a hobby, then that is all it will ever be. Treat it as abusiness and you wil find success.

Visit the address below now to get your Business started today.

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Create Multiple Streams of Income

One of the most important things I learnt in Making Money Online is to create Multiple Streams of Income. This has so much importance and needs to be remembered throughout your Marketing Campaigns. The trouble is, and I have done it myself, is that it is so easy to get hooked on one particular project, and then become so dependant on it that nothing else happens. Many people make this same mistake and very often do not even realise that they are doing it. They will spend hours or days or whatever putting their latest Campaign together then when its done simply sit back and wait … and wait …. and wait. You cannot become dependant on one system. Period.
The problem is, is that there are so many scams etc out there, where the rich gurus are simply ‘cashing-in’. This is what often causes the ‘Sit back and Wait’ scenario. What you need to learn, and learn early and fast is that there is no super one-button formula. The secret to success is time, hard work, dedication and creating the Multiple Streams of Income.

You will learn throughout this Blog many techniques for doing just that, and I will give you an idea now of how it all comes together. I will teach you over this Blog how to make money online from Blogs, Facebook, Websites, Fiverr, CPA and many other forms. The secret is to do all the methods I will teach you. Think about it. If you rely on one system, and one alone, then what happens if that method becomes saturated or dries up? Now lets say that from the above 5 methods I just described you start to average a mere $1.00 a day. That would be $30.00 a Month……  Each. So now all of a sudden that makes $150.00 a Month. Big difference. Now once you add more Income Streams, and build on the ones you have got, the measly $1.00 a day becomes $5.00 a day, then $10.00 a day and so forth. I will let you do the Mathematics yourself from here. Just stop for a moment and work it out.

Now if you had put all your faith in the one system then you would be stuck on your $30.00 a month, maybe more if lucky, but also maybe less or even nothing at all.

Creating these streams is not easy. Some take time and a lot of effort, but the beauty is that a lot of them once done really can be set-and-forget, which means they start to bring you a steady residual income permanently. For example, I have a site that does not really do very well. It makes about one Sale a month on average, making only about $27.00 each time. But it is every month. The good part is that I have not done anything to it for over a year, and it still makes the same on average. I would be more than happy to have another 7 or 8 of these ‘not doing very well’ sites. Are you starting to get the picture now? This site is one of many in just one particular Income stream. Build Multiple Streams of Income. Keep telling that to yourself until it is set firmly in your head.

The important thing as well to take from this is that you need to prepare yourself for failure before success. From the many Campaigns that you set up, try out, and pour many hours into, there will be some that fail miserably (probably quite a few initially), others that end up ‘not doing very well’, then other ones that quite literally take-off!

But its the combination of all of them that will bring you success. That is what you need to learn. That is what you need to remember. To Create Multiple Streams of Income.

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Facebook Marketing – Why so many Get it Wrong

Facebook has become a huge platform for Marketers Globally, all trying to Promote their businesses etc. But more so over the past couple of years or so, it has become inundated with Internet / Affiliate Marketers launching Fan Pages and relevant Affiliate products etc trying desperately to earn their hard-fought commissions. The sad reality though, is many of them fail miserably. Many struggle to even get any sort of Fan Base, and others wonder why their Super-Hot Niche is not producing an avalanche of Affiliate Commissions.

So why are so many of these Marketers and Affiliates getting it so wrong? Well the answer is simple and was mentioned in the opening line of this article. They are treating the Facebook Platform as a business, and this it quite simply is not. Facebook is a Social Media Platform – and right there is the secret word – ‘Social’.

When attempting to do any sort of Marketing on Facebook, it is essential that this point is remembered from the outset, or else you will simply fail without question. Think about it logically for a minute; what do people go onto Facebook for? Do they log into their Facebook accounts to see what the latest Internet Marketing sensation is; or to Buy / Invest in the latest Seminar; or to Purchase anything whatsoever for that matter? Of course not. People on Facebook are there to Socialise, simple as that. They are there to chat with their friends – to find out what the latest gossip is in their favourite TV Show, Sports Team, Recipe, Showbiz Personality etc etc .. It is when and only when you have grasped this Concept that you will have a chance of running a successful Marketing Campaign on Facebook.

One of the easiest ways I tend to approach it, is to treat it as if you were going to your local bar or whatever for a drink with some friends. Now if you started to talk to them about some great product you were trying to launch, or a seminar, or whatever ( I am sure you get the picture ), I doubt if you would get their attention. Especially too if it was regular as well. I say this because in that scenario you would probably be getting the comments like ‘here comes the IM guy again, boring!’ … I add this because this is how you will be becoming seen by your friends and other Users on Facebook. Because quite simply they are not there for that reason.

Now if you went up to your friend in the bar that you knew was into a certain TV Programme and you had something related to that to talk about, then you can be sure they would be interested. Thats because it is a Social interest, and that was a ‘targeted’ approach.

Let me give you another scenario from the bar. Its easy to approach a friend or someone you know that is into something. But here is another outlook on it. In the bar there is a group of poeople playing Darts. Now you do not know these people, but they have a Social Interest together. So if you walked up to them with a Book / DVD on Darts techniques or whatever, and told them that it was really good and worth a look, you can be sure that at least one or two of them will take an interest.

This is why it is an easy way to explain too for Facebook. Keep in mind the same Social Approach and you cannot go wrong. Dont become the boring Internet guy. Present your Fan Pages, Products or whatever to a targeted, Social audience and you will succeed every time.

I will give more Information and training on this throughout the Blog and in further articles so be sure to Bookmark and return regularly.

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Pocket Money

Pocket Money – Earn Extra Cash

We could all do with that extra bit of money in our pocket, that extra bit of Pocket Money we used to earn when we were younger, only nowadays it tends to be a lot more needed and for a wider variety of reasons. Weather it be money needed for paying bills, saving towards a Holiday, Kids Schooling, or just that extra bit of cash to get us by, we could all do with earning that Pocket Money for ourselves.Its just finding the ways to do it that is the problem !

Most people these days have tried, or know someone who has tried, various ways to bring in the extra Pocket Money as I like to call it. This may have been in the form of things like Kleeneze, Avon, Bettaware, Stuffing Envelopes or whatever. But these days the Market has changed dramatically and now the best, easiest and more readily accessible way to earn your Pocket Money is to Make Money Online. Period.

Pocket Money Online – Where To Start

The biggest dilemma facing anyone looking into the concept of Making Money Online is where to start. This is also not helped by the increasing amount of scam artists who are looking to simply ‘cash in’ on the average persons’ desperation to Make Money Online. This is where my Pocket Money Site comes in. I am going to be showing you tried, proven and tested ways of earning that extra cash, with detailed instruction, and having guest Posts from other people similar to myself who are already Making Money Online, and are willing to share some of their ideas with you plus giving you an opportunity to visit their sites also.

Pocket Money – What You Give is What You Get

When looking to earn that first bit of extra Pocket Money, the first thing to be aware of is that there is no ‘Push-Button’ Formula, no ‘Magic 2 or 3 Click Software’ that is going to be able to bring you insane riches overnight. It does not exist, so do not be swayed otherwise.

To be even a tiny bit successful in Making Money Online, you need to be prepared to put the time and effort into it, weather you can only manage to put in 2-3 hours a week, or more or less than that. The most important Factor is making whatever time you put in count, to learn the methods, to apply them as shown, and to be dedicated and consistent. The only way that any method will work is if YOU work too. Thats the key to success, to Making Money Online, to bring you that much needed extra Pocket Money.

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