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Speed Wealth System Review: What You MUST Know

Honest Speed Wealth System Review

If you are looking for an honest Speed Wealth System Review, then congratulations on your searching as you have definitely come to the right place.

So who am I and why should you trust me?
Good question – Let me try and answer it the best way I can. speed wealth system review

 My name is Phil Kent, that’s me there above with my gorgeous partner Angie on our way to a fab holiday in France a couple of years back.

I am a normal, everyday person just like yourself reading this, not some over-hyped ‘Guru’, or someone that just reviews things without even joining or trying them. (hate those that do that, don’t you?)

I have been marketing online for approximately 4 years now at the time of writing this post.

When I first started I knew pretty much nothing about the online marketing “thing”, and spent many hours researching and building my knowledge.

Now I am pleased to say that I know enough to help, teach and guide others, and when it comes to online programs, I always make sure I have joined and tried something first before recommending it to anyone else.

So that is true once again with this speed wealth system review, I am actually a part of the program.

My Speed Wealth System Journey Begins

I joined the Internet Lifestyle Network program on the 28th February, 2014, and at the time of writing this post I have been a member for just over a month.
Initially, as with many others, I joined on a free, 7 day trial, so I could take a look and see what the excitement and buzz was all about.

I had watched a 2 and a half hour webinar with the owner, Vincent Ortega Jr, and was really impressed with what I had seen.

The webinar gave a clear, detailed layout of what the program was all about, how it was going to work, and a walk-through of the entire sales funnel process.

There was no denying it – It was excellent. I knew immediately that this was something completely different than what I had been used to.

An Honest and Accurate Review of The Speed Wealth System

So, upon joining the internet lifestyle network program, I simply followed the Instructions and training, and did what they recommended to do.

I wanted to do it this way so that I could give an honest and accurate speed wealth system review. It would not be any good for me to just join the program and use my own marketing knowledge to promote the program, as that would be pointless, and produce an unrealistic overview.

Once I was going through the training, I was soon to realize that this was good stuff – and unlike any of the usual ‘garbage’ that so many programs include.

speed wealth system review

These methods were proven to work – with real results – and it was within my first few days that I had already managed to get my first couple of people on board.

The ILN Simple and Powerful Compensation Plan

Having 2 people under me already, meant that I would now be in profit with the system already, even though I was still on the trial period.

This is simply down to the power and the leverage of the compensation plan.
It is not an MLM, so there is none of the usual ‘pass-up’ sales where you have to give away your first 2, or second and fourth or whatever.

Personally, I have always found that SO annoying – Let’s be honest – It’s no easy thing to get people on board a program. That is easily the one thing that stops most people being successful online.

With those programs the comp plan is a typical MLM model, where following all your hard work, you finally get your first people to join, only to have to give them away, or ‘pass them up’.

No Thanks – This is better – You do the work, you keep the people. Pretty simple if you ask me, wouldn’t you agree?

This is a straight-forward, affiliate program model, where you will earn from everyone that you bring in, and from your Team Sales too.
For every paying Apprentice Member that joins, you will receive 20 dollars per month.

The Apprentice level is only 37 dollars a month, and so you only need 2 members below you as stated to be in profit.

So simple to understand, and so powerful too.

The Professional Members Level is only 95 dollars a month, and again you only need 2 Pro Members with you and then you are in Profit.

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Upgrading To The Professional Level

I decided at this stage that I would upgrade to the Professional Level, which I did on March 13th.

I had completed all of the training inside the Apprentice Level, and had managed now to enroll a further 12 or more people, all done by using the exact methods and strategies shown.

It does have to be noted, however, that not all of the people have stayed. I am not the sort of person to lie and ‘inflate’ the real results, and will tell you how it is.

When a program offers a ‘free trial’ of any sort, you will always get the ‘tyre-kickers’ and others that just join to take a look with no real intention of staying.

Other members too are all too prone to what we know in the Industry as the ‘shiny object’ syndrome, where they simply jump on to to the next big thing they see, and will forever go from program to program, and never see real success.

speed wealth system review

A good percentage had stayed on board, and I had about 6 of those at this stage that had upgraded to Professional Membership too.

This as explained had now covered my monthly fee, and also put me in Profit which was good.

Growing By Hundreds Daily

This program is now growing by hundreds daily, literally, and many people are making money online for the first time ever, and also managing to bring people into the program too for the first time as well.

speed wealth system

So what makes the speed wealth system so different from anything else?

Why are these people seeing success after previously failing online many times before?

Good point – Let me try and give you the reasons why I think this is ..

The first is purely down to the owner himself, Vincent Ortega Jr. He is at the forefront of everything that goes on. It is such a rare thing to see with an online program.

As we all know with so many other programs – Usually you are lucky if you hear from your Sponsor, let along the actual owner of the program!

speed wealth system

He has a heart of gold, and a genuine desire to see everyone succeed within the program.

Vincent has wanted this to be so easy for anyone to join and become a part of, and also to be able to copy and duplicate the same success that others are having.

He has definitely achieved that without a doubt. Each step inside the program is put together via step by step video instruction, showing what to do, how to do it, and what to do next.

If a replayed webinar is to be promoted for example, Vincent will show clearly how to promote it, once again providing step by step Instruction, and even providing all the text and / or promotional material needed so that someone only needs to literally copy and paste what is there.

I mean, seriously, how easy do people want it? Actually, people do want it even easier – expecting huge results with no effort, but that is an entirely different post on it’s own!

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In his own words, Vincent says that he “wants to help create as many 6-figure earners as possible in 2014″.

Check out his own story on video here – This is good viewing, he tells it from the heart, as it is, and what it really means to him.
Such a nice change from the glossy rubbish you normally see.

Watch it yourself, let me know your thoughts;

The Speed Wealth System ILN University

So let’s now move on to the real thing that sets the speed wealth system apart, and that is the excellent training that the program has, known as the ILN University.

This in my opinion is THE Game-Changer!

Cool name for it too, the ILN University, as that is what it literally is.

The University consists primarily of 2 main Levels;
1. The Apprentice.
2. The Professional.

The Apprentice level is where everyone has access to, regardless of what level they join at.

It houses 2 video courses;
1. Speed Wealth System Fast Profit Formula
2. The Famous Viral 5 ILN Lifestyle Formula.

The first is a 3-part video course, and the second is a 7-part course, and together these give you the highest level of training which is suitable for anyone of any experience.

The idea is to get a member up and running as soon as possible, and more importantly, to show and teach them the exact methods that will enable them to get in profit quickly.

This is a relatively easy process too for a couple of reasons:

1. Any person can join for no cost initially, using the Free, 7 Day Trial.

2. Then there is a simple, 3-step process to making your first 20 dollars in 24 hours:
Step 1 – create an account,
Step 2 – forward an email, and
Step 3 – sit back and wait for the “Cha-Ching” emails!

These are letting you know that someone has joined and you have just earned 20 dollars. Very simple, and very effective.

I still enjoy getting these emails now, and am sure you will too once you are on board and up and running. Getting an email to tell you that you have just made a bit more money can never really get boring now, can it?

By following the step by step video instructions, you can be set up and running in no time, then just follow the training to start getting into profit – It really is that easy lol.

The ILN Professional Membership

The other level as mentioned is the Professional Members.

Upgrading to this level is highly recommended to do as soon as possible.

The benefits of doing this are easily justified. Firstly, you are in a position to then earn a potential $67.50 per person, PLUS, you would now be positioned to earn from your Teams Sales too. You also get access to the Professional Level Training, which is put in place to really accelerate you to the higher incomes that everyone is wanting to achieve.

speed wealth system review

The Professional level training is simply unbelievable.

Mark Hoverson shares many of his courses that he has sold for thousands of dollars previously.
It is so different, and so effective, and literally changes the way you approach your marketing, how you talk to people, your vision, mindset and much more.

It is literally priceless, and I for one would happily pay way more than the monthly fee for his training alone.

There is hours upon hours of this training, and it is only when you get involved with the program, and start to go through it, that you start to realize many things.

speed wealth system

I certainly have for sure.

Firstly, you start to realize how many things you have actually been doing wrong, and how little knowledge that you do actually have.
I thought I was quite well versed after 4 years of being online, but it has almost been a case of starting all over again.

Since going through the training from Vincent and Mark alone, I have started to count how many sales and sign ups I have lost in the past by doing things wrong, saying the wrong things, and failing to close people effectively.
Yeah it’s true – I should be rich by now ha ha.

I continued with the methods I had already learned, combined them with what I was now learning, and my results increased more.
By the end of the month I had managed to enroll nearly 30 people in total, averaging roughly one a day overall.

This was way more than I had ever managed before in any other program.

The good thing too is that I was also seeing duplication. This has been a very rare feature before in most other programs, with so many simply failing to be able to enroll any other people with them.

speed wealth system review

 Now though, people were following the step by step methods and training, doing exactly what is laid out, and starting to see results themselves too.

At the time of writing this speed wealth system review, I have now been on board for nearly 5 weeks, I still have people with me, and still get people joining on a fairly regular basis.

During one of the courses by Mark Hoverson, he states that “No one is bad at selling or closing, and no one is ‘good’ at it either. Someone has either been trained, or they have not”.

 What a powerful, true and effective statement that is – Love it.

The ILN University Training

It is simply because of this excellent, high value training that so many are seeing success.

speed wealth system

 The training shows you literally step by step, what to do, how to go about it, and what works the most effectively.

This is what is clearly separating the Internet Lifestyle Network from anything else that is out there. The idea behind it all is that any one joining, regardless of age or experience etc, is able to come on board, follow the proven system, and start earning and building a team.

It also helps out many of the Team Leaders that have previously had to spend so much time nurturing, training and helping out those that join their team, which then results in valuable time being lost towards their own marketing efforts.

All that is needed now from the Leaders, is to simply be there for general support and guidance, and to point them in the direction of the speed wealth system back office.

internet lifestyle network

Pure Value From The Speed Wealth System

Another part of what sets the Internet Lifestyle Network apart from anything else, is the pure value it has.
It really is an excellent program, and this what is producing so many success stories.

Are you now starting to see what makes the speed wealth system so different? I hope so, as it’s taking me ages to write all this!

The program takes you by the hand, and leads you into a world that teaches you everything you need to know about branding yourself, becoming a Leader, and being the one that others want to join and be a part of.

It is such a great thing to see when someone that has never made any money online before, or has never got anyone into a program before, shares their excitement in the company Facebook Group.

speed wealth system review

Their excitement is very contagious, and what is great to see is how many others will comment, share and congratulate even the smallest of success.
Yesterday in the Group, a member posted that they had “got their first person interested!”

How cool is that – They had obviously struggled online before, and I think it must have felt really comfortable too for them to be able to post such a simple comment in the Group.

This prompted a string of replies, and is just one example of the “community” that is inside the speed wealth system program.

In the video posted earlier, Vincent Ortega Jr stated that a huge part of his success came from when he realized that it was “not just about making money, but helping others be successful.”

Once that happened, his whole world changed, and that is what is clear when you get to know and see what Vincent has done here with the Internet Lifestyle Network.

I cannot recommend this program enough to anyone that asks me about it. The good thing is, is that I do not have to try and “sell” the program, or “convince” anyone that it is the “next best thing” or anything like that at all.

I simply invite people to ‘take a look’, and take advantage of the 7 day free trial that the program offers.
There is no hard-sell needed, as the program does the work for you.

The 100 Dollar Guarantee

 The program is so confident with this that they offer an amazing guarantee. This states that anyone that comes on board, that follows the training step by step, doing and implementing everything that is shown, but then fails to make a profit after 30 days – They will then pay that person 100 dollars, plus refund them their outlay for joining.

 As yet, as far as I am aware, they have not needed to refund anyone.

speed wealth system review

A Review Of The Speed Wealth System Unlimited Blogs

What is often not featured by many posts etc, is the unlimited blogs that you are able to create, which are fully customizable to your own needs and circumstances. The speed and ease too of which you can create them is also impressive – It literally takes a few minutes and a few clicks of the mouse to have yours set up and ready to go.

I like the fact too that you are able to create an unlimited number, as this gives someone the opportunity to have a Blog for different programs, or different Niches, for example.  

Success Stories Of The Speed Wealth System

There are some unbelievable Individual success stories too. One in particular is from a 23 year old lad called Fraser McDonald, who is now literally living the “Laptop Lifestyle” in Thailand.

Less than a year ago at the time of writing this post, he was living at home in Scotland, UK, with his Father.

Now he has moved to Thailand, earning a residual income of over 10,000 dollars a month, and all down to the Internet Lifestyle Network.

speed wealth system

Fraser himself has made a video which is inside the training area, where he shows the Facebook strategy he used which brought him the huge success.
He has proven that with time, dedication, consistency and the right training that anyone can be successful.

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Many others are also seeing amazing success, especially since the Introduction of the speed wealth system. Our team leader has already produced a residual monthly income of over 5000 dollars, in a 6 week period of joining the program!
How good is that? The program is certainly living up to it’s name I guess!

Just recently there was a live Google Hangout where several of the top income earners inside got together and shared their individual success stories. They shared what income they were on, what was working, and each shared a valuable tip to help anyone starting or thinking of joining.

speed wealth system review

The best part was that nearly all of the members there, had experienced this huge success in a 2 month period or so. It really did highlight an appropriate name for the speed wealth system.

Watch The Hangout Replay Below:

The Speed Wealth System Is Right For Anyone

I cannot say enough good things about this program, and highly encourage anyone to join and get started. It has everything that anyone would ever need or be looking for, and is capable of creating success for anyone that joins.

Simply by following the program, doing what is shown, plugging yourself in to the training and treating it as a serious platform, then it is practically impossible not to see success.

speed wealth system

My Speed Wealth System Summary:

My overall opinion of this Speed Wealth System Review is that I highly recommend it without question. I am a member of ILN, yes, but even if not I would still give it my highest backing.

The reason for that is simply because every effort has been made to enable the member to earn the maximum possible from every visitor. It is done so in such a way, that it makes it complete sense to not only join, but also to see the full benefits of upgrading to the Pro Level and more.

If you are reading this because you are struggling online, or looking for a program, or even looking to learn how to grow and improve your current business, then the internet lifestyle network speed wealth system has everything.

 I have been in various programs over 4 years of being online, and there has not been one program that has been anywhere near as good as this.

 I am steadily growing a good team, and helping those that join me gain success in any way I can.

 You have made a great move in finding this post, now it is time to start to create your own success story with me and the speed wealth system.

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